Chiraag Shah MPharm

Pharmacovigilance Officer

Chiraag is a member of the pharmacovigilance team, responsible for ensuring clients meet all their drug safety obligations for marketed products and in clinical trials. In addition, he is responsible for regulatory intelligence, keeping clients and the Regulis team up-to-date with the latest regulatory and pharmacovigilance regulations and guidelines.

Value to clients

  • Real world experience with the use of medicines and devices, and associated adverse events
  • Strong knowledge of clinical conditions, treatments and formulations
  • Ability to research and identify topics relevant to clients.


Chiraag graduated with a Masters of Pharmacy (MPharm) in 2014 and has been working as a community pharmacist since, where he dealt with adverse events associated with medicines and devices first-hand. He made the switch to the pharmaceutical industry, to pursue his main interests of pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs. He began his pharmaceutical industry experience in regulatory intelligence where he was responsible for generating engaging news articles for social media and the company website, regarding new developments in regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and quality assurance. Chiraag is part of our pharmacovigilance team, handling essential day-to-day pharmacovigilance tasks for clients, as well as the preparation of a range of regulatory and pharmacovigilance documents such as product information and Risk Management Plans.

Other things about Chiraag

  • Avid traveller
  • Fitness and nutrition enthusiast
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