Daniel Mullins MSc

Pharmacovigilance Executive

Regulis staff member - Daniel

Daniel joined Regulis in October 2018 following completion of a Masters degree in Immunology of Infectious Diseases. He has prior experience in post-marketing surveillance in a wide array of therapeutic areas. Daniel is passionate about pharmacovigilance and takes great care to ensure that the needs of the client are fully met and that work is completed to the highest of standards.

Value to clients

  • Highly knowledgeable about both pharmacovigilance and pharmacology
  • Experience in full case reporting, from initially receiving a report to processing and submission to the relevant authority
  • Strong signal detection report writing skills
  • Applies strong knowledge of clinical conditions and their treatment to projects.


Daniel holds an MSc in Immunology of Infectious Diseases from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Prior to undertaking his Masters degree, Daniel began his career in pharmacovigilance within a consultancy, which enabled him to build essential skills in both pharmacovigilance and medical information. After developing basic pharmacovigilance skills, Daniel became interested in signal management and developed skills in this area. He also wrote several clinical evaluation reports, in order to support the use of medical devices.

Other things about Daniel

  • Keen interest in infectious diseases and immunology, particularly the clinical aspects of each. Daniel’s research during his Masters involved the initial development of a potential vaccine
  • Experience in handling medical information calls and adverse event reports from both members of the public and healthcare professionals
  • Plays guitar and bass guitar.
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