Juyoung Ha BSc Hons.

Senior Pharmacovigilance Executive

Juyoung has 6 years of drug safety experience in both clinical trials and post-marketing. She built up her PV expertise working in both specialist biotechnology and large pharmaceutical companies. As a senior member of the PV team, Juyoung focuses on delivering a robust and efficient PV solutions to ensure clients meet their drug safety obligations.

Value to clients

Juyoung is passionate about working with clients to deliver safe and innovative medicines to patients. She delivers high-quality, efficient and regulatory compliant pharmacovigilance practices. Juyoung focuses on maintaining regulatory intelligence and applying her knowledge in a wide range of Pharmacovigilance activities including:

  • Compliant safety reporting and continuous safety monitoring throughout clinical development phases
  • Case interpretation and signal evaluation
  • GCP & GVP audit/inspection support
  • Aggregate report writing.


Juyoung holds a BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences from Imperial College London and is currently reading an MSc in Experimental and Translational Therapeutics at the University of Oxford as part of her professional development course. Juyoung started her career in pharmacovigilance/medical affairs in a Biotechnology company, where she held various responsibilities from reviewing aggregate reports, signal detection reports to managing the update of PSMF with EU QPPV as well as updating Risk Management Plans. Juyoung expanded her experience in PV operations at GSK (quality and compliance) including, but not limited to, audits & inspections, process management and improvement, CAPA management and pharmacovigilance training.

Other things about Juyoung

  • Passionate about equal access to healthcare especially with new innovative medicine/gene therapies by all patients globally
  • A keen interest in scientific & medical writing and pharmacoepidemiology
  • Enjoys adventure and travelling.
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