Pavan Bamrah MSc

Senior Pharmacovigilance Executive

Regulis staff member - Pavan

Pavan joined Regulis at the start of 2018. She has 4.5 years’ of drug safety experience and has previously contributed to several projects in post-marketing surveillance. She works with the PV team to ensure that clients meet their required obligations.

Value to clients

Pavan brings a wide set of skills to the pharmacovigilance team.

  • Knowledgeable in the safety and scientific content of many medicines
  • Experienced in handling, investigating and analysing spontaneous adverse event data
  • Skilled in signal detection reports and their evaluation.


Pavan has degrees in pharmacology and applied chemistry. She started her pharmacovigilance career in a specialist consultancy prior to joining Regulis. Pavan has attended various courses held by the European Medicines Agency which has significantly expanded her horizons in pharmacovigilance.

Other things about Pavan

  • Experience in presenting PV safety data to clients
  • A keen interest in scientific and technical writing
  • Previous experience of medical information enquiry handling.
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