EMA prepares for relocation decision

Last week, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) issued a press release regarding its preparation for relocation of its headquarters, as the UK leaves the EU.

The new home of the EMA has been the subject of much speculation and some intensive bidding but decision day is rapidly approaching.  The EU member states will be voting on 20th November 2017 to choose a new host country for the organisation. This will give the EMA 17 months to conclude its move to the new host country by 30th March 2019, the date of withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU).

The EMA has said that effective collaboration between the agency and the new host country on the basis of the commitments made in the offer to host EMA is essential for a successful move and EMA business continuity”.

The press releases also indicate that the EMA will be giving stakeholders and the public full visibility of the relocation project, with the plans to be publicly available from December and updates to be provided on the progress of the project.

Important aspects of the move include: the new premises of the agency in the new host country, housing for up to 900 households for the EMA staff and schooling for around 600 children of various ages. Due to the long processes involved in the approval of building plans and the work to be carried out, the EMA, EU institutes and the new host country will need to come up with ways to speed up the process and allow work to be carried out in parallel, rather than in sequence.

To read the full press release, please click here.