EU reiterates its demand for UK to pay for EMA’s London exit

It is already known that the United Kingdom (UK) faces an expensive Brexit ‘divorce’ bill of around €50 billion and the European Commission has now reiterated its demand for the UK to cover the cost of the EMA’s withdrawal.

This means the UK faces paying the €400 million-plus EMA bill as a result of the EMA breaching the rental agreement. Neither the UK nor the European Union (EU) have publicly set a price on the separation or stated what obligations will be covered by the €50 billion settlement, but what seems to be clear is that the UK will be responsible for meeting the cost of getting the EMA out of London. The EMA needs to crack on with the move to Amsterdam, therefore processes such as arranging the cost of designing the new offices need to start as soon as possible. The aim is to start the process by early next year at the latest. As the European Commission recognises that the financial settlement may not be reached until after the EMA requires the money, this means that officials anticipate dipping into the EU budget to get the EMA move going.