MHRA publishes details of speech on Brexit and medicines regulation

The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) had published the text of a speech given by Lord O’Shaughnessy on Brexit and medicines regulation, at the 2017 MHRA/Bioindustry Association (BIA) conference on 14 July in London.

Below are a highlights and noteworthy quotes from the speech:

“Our top priority in negotiations in this area is to secure ongoing close collaboration between the UK and the EU, with the needs and rights of patients always our paramount concern.”

“The UK life science sector is globally leading, with the strongest clinical development pipeline in Europe, and more than a third of all the biotech venture capital in Europe, which is more than any other European country.”

“We are absolutely clear that three key principles must underpin any future relationship with the EU:

  • First: patients must not be put at a disadvantage;
  • Second: the UK will continue to play a leading role promoting and ensuring public health – both in Europe and around the world; and
  • Third: industry must be able to get their products into the UK market as quickly and simply as possible, with the UK and Europe at the forefront of medical innovation.”

“It is (also) right to acknowledge that the UK’s existing relationship with the EU is mutually beneficial. The MHRA play a big role in this, but it is right too that we should acknowledge the benefits we have gained from the pan-EU burden sharing approach to medicines regulation. This arrangement has allowed the UK and NHS patients to benefit from outstanding scientific expertise from across Europe.”

“Patients across the EU27 and the UK will be better served if together we continue the strong, effective technical collaboration that accelerates scientific advancement and ultimately benefits patient wellbeing.”

“We have challenging but exciting times ahead of us, and we have a superb opportunity to reinforce the UK’s position as a global centre of excellence for Life Sciences – collaborating and working closely with our partners in the EU and internationally.”

Lord O’Shaughnessy called for industry to lobby and make their views heard in the debate on the relationship between the UK and EU in the area of medicines regulation.

You can read the full speech here.