A Quality Success

‘International Health Partners (IHP) is a charity dedicated to improving access to health care and medicines in the developing world.

They partner with companies from across Europe to provide donated medical aid to organisations serving children and adults in the most needy communities.

As a result of the new GDP Guidelines published in 2013, it became necessary for IHP to obtain a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA(h)) to continue their distribution activities.  Due to the unique nature of their organisation and their limited exposure to GDP previously, they contacted Regulis to guide them through the process of becoming GDP compliant and obtaining their WDA(h).

Regulis assisted IHP in setting up their QMS and worked closely with the MHRA to find creative solutions to the GDP challenges faced by IHP due to their charity status.  It was a learning curve for all concerned in this regard, including the MHRA, who had to consider the implications of the new GDP guidelines on organisations such as IHP for the first time.

IHP were subsequently inspected by the MHRA in February 2014 and achieved a very successful outcome, with their WDA(h) being granted in April 2014.