European Parliament report explores the challenges of regulating artificial intelligence in healthcare

A report from the European Parliament discussed the concerns regarding the regulation of artificial intelligence and robotics in healthcare settings. Earlier warnings include that the system for approving medical devices may not be suited for the assessment and clearance of artificial intelligence technologies.

The report analysis summaries the presentations and discussions that took place at the artificial intelligence healthcare workshop, where several speakers outlined the legal, regulatory and ethical challenges that may arise if there is a rapid development in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Concerns regarding artificial intelligence and robotics that are discussed in the report include who will be responsible if the robots make a mistake in surgery?

The European Union’s aim is to create a framework that encourages innovation whilst addressing risks and uncertainties that could reduce public confidence in artificial intelligence and robotics. There are however opposing opinions as to what this will mean in practice, for example some are asking for training in robotic surgery to be held to higher standards than education about conventional procedures.

To read the European Parliament report on robotics in healthcare, please click here.