Addressing the world’s most pressing health challenges

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Digital Health Technical Advisory Group has agreed an action plan to focus its activities and priorities on advancing the digital health ecosystem whilst safeguarding the misuse of people’s data and protecting their health.

In a recent meeting of global experts, the following topics were discussed:

  • Developing a global framework for WHO to validate, implement and scale up digital health technology and solutions.
  • Recommendations for safe and ethical use of digital technologies to strengthen national health systems by improving quality and coverage of care, increasing access to health information.
  • Advice on advocacy and partnership models to accelerate use of digital health capabilities in countries to achieve better health outcomes.
  • Advice on emerging digital health technologies with global reach and impact, so no one is left behind.

Digital health can help to advance primary health care, equip healthcare professional with more resources to tackle resurgent or new disease and ensure improvement of general public health.

The expert panel will meet regularly over the next year to implement their work in collaboration with the WHO’s digital health agenda. The experts come from a broad range of fields such as Artificial Intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, biomedical innovation, robotic surgery, wearable technologies and regulatory governance.

“The new plan provides direction to help WHO maximise the potential of the digital health landscape and chart future trends, tools and opportunities.”

Here at Regulis, we believe that this plan can help to increase efficiency in the regulatory landscape, and provide easier access to the most innovative treatments.

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