Future change in the handling of advertising complaints in Australia

From 1 July 2018, the Australian’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) will become the single body responsible for handling complaints about the advertising of medicines and medical devices directed to the public.

Currently, advertising complaints management involve the TGA, the Complaint Resolution Panel or industry associations, depending on the type of product and media. The process is complex and do not deliver consistent or timely responses.

With the new process, complaints will be lodged on a single online portal. TGA will be the only body to handle and report final outcomes of the decision, which will help deliver consistent decision in a timely manner and protect the customer from non-compliant advertising.

Other measures will be implemented in 2018 in the purpose of simplification and improvement of medicine and medical devices advertising framework:

  • Revision of advertising requirements
  • Creation of advertising compliance education program
  • Removing of advertising pre-approval for medicines
  • Broadening enforcement and compliance power

Click here to access the complete information on the TGA website.