EMA approved 81 medicines for human use in 2016

The European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) has published its annual report for 2016.

The report highlights the agency’s key achievements in the areas of medicine evaluation, including:

  • 81 medicines (including 27 new active substances) for human use recommended for approval.
  • 11 medicines (including 6 new active substances) for veterinary use were recommended for approval.
  • Approximately half of the applicants who were granted a positive opinion for their medicine had received scientific advice from EMA during the development of their product.
  • Product information for over 300 medicines for human use was updated on the basis of new safety data.
  • PRIME (PRIority MEdicines), an initiative to support the development of medicines that address unmet medical needs, was launched.
  • Publication of clinical trial data for new medicines was introduced.

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