HPRA launches strategic plan for 2021 – 2025

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) has launched its strategic plan for 2021 – 2025, outlining how the Irish regulator aims to deliver improved healthcare outcomes for patients through collaborative health product regulation.

The five-year strategy is composed of five key goals:

  1. Health system partnerships – The HPRA aims to further strengthen the integration between health product regulation and healthcare delivery through enhanced collaborations across all areas of the healthcare system. As part of this goal, the HPRA will address current and emerging public health challenges and priorities and increase the role of the HPRA as a partner and contributor within the healthcare system.
  2. Progressive regulation – A commitment to increased use of proportionate and adaptive approaches for better patient outcomes. This will be achieved through strengthened use of risk-based approaches to regulation, maximising the opportunities presented by new legislation to enhance health product regulation and increased interaction with the global regulatory industry.
  3. Communication and engagement – This goal revolves around improving models of engagement to strengthen public trust and confidence. Greater transparency and clarity through information resources, communication platforms and direct engagement with stakeholders to drive improvements in regulatory activities will see increased trust in the regulatory system.
  4. Enabling innovation – Innovation is seen as a key area to improve healthcare outcomes. By promoting an agile approach to the regulation of innovations and prioritising outreach and engagement with Irish research institutions/organisations, the HPRA aims to enhance its support for innovation from discovery through to regulatory approval.
  5. Great people, great processes – The HPRA acknowledges that an organisation is only as effective as its people and processes. Consequently, their final goal is to develop their organisation and people to successfully achieve all goals. Strategies to achieve this include developing and empowering all people to achieve and succeed, improving organisational effectiveness through extended and enhanced use of digital technologies, creating better ways of working for the organisation and ensuring financial stability and capacity to meet the future needs of the organisation.

Many of the goals play a heavy emphasis on collaboration, dedication and being quick to adapt. The development of the strategy itself was carried out with these themes in mind. All members of the HPRA were involved in the creation of the strategy and feedback from a public consultation ensured stakeholder input in shaping the strategy. The HPRA notes that implementation will require a high level of commitment and effort from everyone in the organisation, however it is hoped that the final strategy forms an effective and feasible way of improving healthcare outcomes in Ireland through improved product regulation.

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