Regulatory Affairs Consultancy

Devising strategies that give your product the most efficient route to market.

Our Regulatory Affairs Consultancy team have a strong reputation for delivering fast, high-quality product approval and efficient licence maintenance.

Our complete and comprehensive expert understanding of the requirements in global regulatory affairs, coupled with a strong commercial awareness, ensures we devise an optimal regulatory strategy for the registration of your new innovative drug, medical device, borderline product, generic medicine, line extension or additional indication.

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We bring our significant expertise to strategic and operational aspects of regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry to guide you through the maze of global, regional and national requirements to get your product to market as quickly as possible with an optimal product label.

What we do

For medicines, our experts will advise on all aspects of drug development and our regulatory strategy services. It is vital to get organised and prepare target SmPCs, orphan drug applications and paediatric investigation plans, and evaluate the potential impact of your product on the environment (via an environmental risk assessment), well in advance of marketing authorisation applications. Our team is ready to prepare these for you with the application of their significant regulatory knowledge and experience, to guide you through the regulatory maze.

As part of our regulatory affairs services, we will devise strategies to extend the lifecycle of your product, via duplicate licence applications, strategic line extensions and legal status switching, to ensure you gain the maximum commercial return from your products.

For devices, our experts will use their deep regulatory knowledge to advise on the correct classification of and clinical evaluation strategy for your product. Their experience is used to help you comply with all the applicable regulations and standards, to prepare technical files and design and implement a fully compliant Quality Assurance Management System.

For cosmetics, our cosmetic regulatory affairs consultancy team will use their expertise to position your product correctly as a cosmetic, to prepare technical files and safety assessments and to ensure you develop the best labelling and claims to maximise the sales for your product.

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